Welcome to the TOUGH user forum! Separate forums are set up around each of the simulators. Ask questions, provide answers, share tips, and make suggestions.

Guidelines for Using the Forum:
* Before posting a question, browse through existing forum posts; your question may have already been asked and answered.
* When posting a question, specify what computer, operating system, and version of the code you are/will be using.
* Don't direct your question to just one person - if more people look at it, you increase your chances for a quick response.
* Remember that the folks answering the questions are just doing so in their spare time, so be patient.

If you are reporting a suspected bug, devise a simple sample problem with just a few grid blocks to illustrate it and attach input and output files to your post, along with a description of what you think is happening (here is an EXAMPLE with an INPUT FILE).

Here is a list of known BUGS and FIXES.