bugs or misunderstanding?

1.       There is no printout of aqueous-phase density in the t2voc.exe on hand except that of DNAPL and DGAS  (with “D” herein meaning density).

2.       I found there are some bizzar things to me when checking the mass balance in the main output file (normally named ‘out’) of the t2voc. As a typical phenomenon, the mass balance can show the voc mass increases in the case of only water injection.

3.       It is totally vain for one to use the approach as an alternative trick to the DELV method to simulate constant-pressure production with t2voc, by adding a virtual grid cell with infinite large volume in MESH and artificially connecting it (in CONNE) to the element of the model at the pumping position and assigning a very low pressure relative to its connected element.  Such an approach is effective in other modules such as eco2n.

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    Dear Jian,

    about your comments related to T2VOC:

    1) simply at the time the density of aqueous phase was not added to the printout. Of course it is not a bug: adding Daq printout would be very easy.

    2) "VOC mass increase in the case of only water injection": it would be easier to comment on this if you will provide a sample input showing the issue.

    3) it seems strange that adding a grid cell at constant conditions to emulate a production at constant bottomhole pressure does not work in T2VOC.  Can you provide a sample input showing the issue?

    By the way, which version of T2VOC are you using? 



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