Inhibitor parameters in T+H

Browsing through the sample files I encountered the following two lines that sets up the inhibitor in the HYDRATE Section.

In the manual, the following parameters are set for the variables

Max_TShift        2.0E0
Y_atMax_TShift    1.335E-2

However, in the Test_1TbS sample file, the line with these parameters are set as:

Max_TShift        5.0E0
Y_atMax_TShift    1.0E-2

Is there a particular reason for this? Which values should be use if we are setting up an inhibitor.


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  • Hi,

    I made a quick comparison using a PVTSim curve for 3%Nacl brine.

    It seems the parameters stated in the manual are the ones to use. At least the curve (green) almost fits with the PVTSim curve (blue).

    Max_TShift        2.0E0
    Y_atMax_TShift    1.335E-2

    It was confusing though to see that setup in the sample files.


  • A second difference you might see is that the number of parameters available on the inhibitor line has increased in more recent versions of the code (more options). A good set of baseline parameters is:

    .TRUE. 2.0d0 1.335d-2 58.448e0 2.6e3  6.6479d4 41.293d0 3.3607d-2 -1.3927d-5


  • Hi,

    Hi Paul,

    I have started working on numerical modeling of gas hydrate in porous media. I am new to tough+hydrate. I have installed the same on my laptop. I am confused about how to start with it. I am not able to find out the place where to write the code. I have come across the black screen which on entering ask for the title but on writing the title and pressing enter, the screen crashes. It's just totally new to me, I have started to follow the tough+ hydrate manual, it says all about the what the code does and what are the input parameters but where to put that codes, I am still not able to figure it out.

    I am not able to find the simulator and run the sample codes.

    Will it work in windows or I have to switch to ubuntu?

    I know the questions are stupid but I am not able to figure it out.

    Any sort of suggestion will be appreciated.


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