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There is an option for injection component on the TOUGH+HYDRATE GENER data block defined by COM1, COM2, COM3, etc. However it doesn't specify how we can inject a particular fluid into an element. So, for example if I am working with methane gas hydrate and I want to inject methane gas into an element, how do I specify if it is methane or water (though there is an option WATE or COM1 for water injection)? 

Or if I want to inject a combination of gases (for example 50% methane and 50% ethane) into that element, how do I do it? Is there an option to define the chemistry of the gases that I am missing so far? Or do I have to tweak the original code for this? Please let me know if anyone has any idea on it.

Stefan Finsterle I'm sorry to mention you here but the TOUGH+ forum is awfully quiet and since the GENER block is also used in TOUGH2, I thought may be you have some answers.

I am using the TOUGH+HYDRATE v1.5 academic license and I haven't made any changes to the original code so far. 


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  • IN TOUGH+HYDRATE, COM1 is water and COM2 is CH4.  The code can only handle CH4 as the hydrate-forming gas.

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  • George Moridis Thank you Dr. Moridis for the clarification. I still have one confusion regarding the issue. I am using the SS_GROUP option to define a group of injectors and the ssgroup_Time_Series file that is generated is showing zeros for all the columns despite giving a constant rate of injection GX in the GENER block. I have tried both COM1 and COM2 as SS_type. The time series file, however, shows heat rate Q_H when I specify the enthalpy, EX of the injected fluid. 

    Could you please shed some light into that particular issue?


  • You are using an older version of the code, with limited capabilities for the description  and monitoring of well production.  I suggest you upgrade your code.

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