The program stops unexpectedly

My file works, but it stops suddenly after a period of time. I have tried many methods, changing the grid, changing the parameter settings, changing the initial conditions, and changing the wellbore stabilization. But the result is unexpected termination, and the time of stopping is just differe  nt. Sometimes it stops after running for dozens of days, sometimes it stops after more than a hundred days. This problem has troubled me for several months, and I can't find a solution. Attachments are input and output files.


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  • Is it possible that all the hydrate has been consumed? 

  • Hello there, 

    I am struggling to understand how to create a meshmaker1, I don’t know how to generate the random numbers below the  XYZ record, am not sure if they are the grid increments. Pls how do you do this and how do you run it afterwards?

    • Mahmud muhammad mahmud Hi Mahmud, I would suggest you to look at the public web application (https://toughio-dash.lbl.gov) and look at how the different increments affect your mesh.

      Note that toughio (and thus web application) does not support TOUGH+ yet, but for mesh generation, it should be the same as other TOUGH codes.

    • Keurfon Luu thank you. I will check this out. 

    • Keurfon Luu hi

      the app don’t have the capacity to 90x1x326 mesh any suggestions? 
      I am still trying the meshmaker. Other samples files run normally but when I use the increment I made from excel there is error

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