Creating an angled domain


I want to create an angled domain to represent a fault as shown in the figure in color red. I'm using Meshmaker v1.5 to create the mesh. So far, I have managed to create a vertical domain for the fault, however, I cannot create a box model with it angled slightly. Can anyone please tell me how I can create the model using meshmaker ? Do you have an idea Stefan Finsterle ?



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  • Sulav,

    I could be mistaken about this, but I'm fairly certain that Meshmaker is too crude of a tool to do something like this.  It's capable of doing Cartesian or axisymmetric grids, and it can make those grids at an angle, but that angle must apply to the whole domain it generates.  To have subdomains with different angles, like faults, you'll need to use another tool.  You can find a list of those here:


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  • Sulav, 

    to create  such a grid, there are a number of ways to do it, but usually you need a software to help you in this. One of the possible softwares is "wingrider" or GMS or LeapFrog (perhaps also PetraSim is able to do this, but I am not too familiar with it). I usually use GMS but perhaps LeapFrog is more efficient and direct in this. In WinGrider and GMS you can creates a grid using your vertical cross-section as a "horizontal" cross-section. Once you have created the grid, with for instance you NNE trending fault, then you rotate the grid in tough2 by rotating the gravity vector (to make it "horizontal") using the variable BETAX in the CONNE block of the MESH file. In GMS you can also create a number of layers each of which represent the fault as vertical in adequately thin vertical interval.

    Hope this help. 

  • Andrea Borgia Hi Andrea, thanks for your reply. I have emailed you about GMS, could you please tell me how to get the community version of the software?

  • Andrea Borgia Never mind about the software, I got an email from Aquaveo about the community edition. I tried making the grid in GMS but I couldn't get the TMT2 from the tough website. Is there anywhere else I can get it?

  • I am going to send it to your email...


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