Accessing gfortran and MPI on PC through the Cygwin environment

One option to get gfortran and MPI on PC is through Cygwin,a unix-like environment for PC. To setup an environment suitable for compiling TOUGH-related codes, please follow the following steps:

1. Install Cygwin based on instruction given at http://cygwin.com/install.html

2. When installing Cygwin, select the following packages:

  • Required: Devel/gcc-core, Devel/gcc-fortran, Devel/gcc-g++, Devel/make
  • Required for TOUGH2-MP, TOUGH3:¬†Devel/cmake, Python/python, Utils/diffutils, Math/lapack, Math/liblapack-devel, Math/liblapack0, Libs/libopenmpi*

Once the installation process is complete, you will now have a linux-like environment on PC when you start Cygwin by double-clicking on the Cygwin icon. To compile TOUGH codes, follow the instructions given for the linux environment.