Wrong end-of-line character leads to compilation and run-time errors

Issue: Compilation or Run-Time Errors

Depending on the system, text editor, and file distribution used, files may have invalid end-of-line or other special characters embedded, which leads to compilation errors (for source files) or run-time errors (for input files).

Solution: Check End-of-Line Characters

Make sure each line of the Fortran source-code files and of all TOUGH input files (including files such a CO2TAB) have a proper end-of-line character. Use appropriate conversion script (e.g., dos2unix) or load files into a text editor and save it in a proper text format (for example, open the file using Microsoft Word and then save it as a plain text file, with the box "Insert line break" checked.)

Do not use tabulators in TOUGH input files; use a typewriter font (e.g., Courier New) and the space bar to advance to to appropriate column.