TOUGH-FLAC coupling


I am trying to use a coupled TOUGH-FLAC simulation on a reservoir model. I am just starting with a simple 'cube' model with uniform properties. I went through some of the works done by Jonny Rutqvist and in them he mentions that the coupling is done using a FLAC3D.sav file that contains the FISH module and the geomechanical model for the reservoir. 

I am relatively new to FLAC3D. Is there any documentation available in how to create the .sav file or if anyone can provide me an example of any work done using it, I'd really appreciate it. 



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  • Facing a similar issue. Is there any update?

  • I've been trying different things but I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Emailed the author a couple of times without response. They just released a new paper on TOUGH+Hydrate+Millstone. So, I'd wait for that to be available, but wouldn't count on any support from the developers on these forums. 

    • Sulav Dhakal hi sulav

      i have a few issues with tough+hydrate. can u send me test files u have run..other than those Test files available with the software itself?

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