Hello, I have a question about TOUGH+HYDRATE(T+H). 

I want to run cartesian model (gird : 57x57x61(total about 200000).  

But T+H doesn't operate, and I get the following error message on the terminal: Segmentation fault: 11 

I think it is memory related error, but I would like to know the exact cause and solution of this error.  


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  • Does the code display the same error for smaller systems?  Do you compile the code yourself, and could you tell us what OS you're using?

    • Matthew Thanks for the answer. 

      In the case of approximately 170000 grid or less cartesian model, no error occurs and simulation runs. 

      However, if there are more than about 180000 grids cartesian model, the above error occurs. 

      I compile it myself, and I'm using Mac OS 10.13.5. 

    • Seo-Yoon Moon Maybe its the limitation associated with the license

      or your system is not setup correctly...

      plz attach your files..i 'll try to run..and let u know

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