Graceful ways for stuck Monte Carlo instances to fail and resample

Hey everyone, (ahem... mostly talking to you, Stefan!)

I'm trying to run a set of Monte Carlo simulations and there are a subset of cases that get stuck in a seemingly unending loop of minuscule time steps.  Is there a graceful way to let iTOUGH know these are a lost cause?  For example, if I set MCYC to a hard limit (i.e., a positive number less than 9999), and it reaches the "end" of the simulation without collecting all of the outputs requested in the "> OBSERVATIONS" level sub commands, will it recognize this run was not successful and try resampling parameters?

I admit that I did not do a thorough review of the (excellently written!) 130 page iTOUGH2 manual, which may contain an answer already.  I wasn't able to find it with my lazy word-search approach. : )


- Mikey

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    • Stefan_Finsterle
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    Hi Mikey,

    Depending on the iTOUGH2 version you have, you can indeed perform CPR on a failed forward run within Monte Carlo simulations (or most other application modes) by humming Bee Gees "Staying Alive". So add the command:

    > computation
      >> stop
         >>> stay alive (: max_number_of_failures_before_calling_the_hearse)

    As you suggested, set MCYC to the highest number you can tolerate (or any other convergence-failure-triggering parameter) and add the "stay alive" command, and it should resample a failed Monte Carlo realization. (Disclaimer: I'm not sure how well it works in parallel).


      • Mikey_Hannon
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       Stefan, I've never seen the music video for that song before. I love a good sing-and-walk video.  "Eye of the Tiger" is one of my favorites. : )

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