compiling T2Well-ECO2N v1.02 instructions

Hi all, 

I have a mesh that exceeds the maximum number of connections (MNCON = 57,000 set as the default for TOUGH2). Having looked across the forum I can see that the T2 source code file can be edited to adjust for this. 

I have all the source files for T2Well-ECO2N v1.02 but I have little experience on how to compile these into a .exe. Within the T2Well manual Appendix B gives a MAKE file that was made using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6a PC under Windows XP. What is the equivalent compiler that I need to download for Windows 10? Also, is there a readme file for step by step instructions on how to compile the files together. I find one for TOUGH3 (I have the source code files for TOUGH3 also) but I presume the steps is different to T2Well-ECO2N. 


Kind regards,



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  • Hannah,

    You can download gfortran for free to compile your code. I will send you a makefile that is using gfortran.


    • Yingqi Zhang 

      Hi Yingqi


      I'm also having trouble compiling T2Well-ECO2N, like Hannah. I have little experience and can't understand how to compile these source codes.

      I use gfortran and ifort compiler in Linux environment. If you have a makefile that is using gfortran or ifort, could you give it to me?


      Best regards,


  • I would be happy to help. Can you send me an email?



  • Yingqi Zhang Hi, I am trying to compile the source codes of T2Well on my PC. I am using Windows 10. I have installed gfortran, but I need to know the steps to compile the source codes using the makefile.

  • Hello Refaat,

    I know you sent me an email but I do not know why it disappeared after I read. So I cannot reply to you. Can you send an email again?



    • Yingqi Zhang I sent you the email again.

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