Steam injection about TMVOC

Hi everyone :


I am trying to model the steam injection remediation

I have a question about the steam injection rate.

My inject point is 5.5m below free water level

When I use “0.000148 kg/s” as my inject rate, it work.

But when using “0.0148 kg/s” as my inject rate, it doesn’t work

Is there any limit about the inject rate ?

I really dont have any idea where this problem is coming from. Any help is appreciated.


Yan Bo Huang

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  • Yan Bo,


    The limit is only the physical reasonableness and properties of your system. What do you mean by "it doesn't work"? Did you look at the output file? Does the pressure or temperature go very high in the injection element? What is the error message you get? Without some very basic information, there is no way to tell from a distance what the issue might be.


  • Thank you Stefan:


    Following picture is the end of the simulation and the file.

    The program told me to check the output file.

    But I still can't find out where is the error message or something wrong with the simulation.

    I also check the pressure and temperature of the injection element, but it is normal.


    Yan Bo.


  • Yan Bo,

    Set MOP(1)=1 (if you have not yet); then check the output file to see which element and which equation causes the time step to be reduced and eventually (I presume) cause the convergence failure. (This information is prior to the final printout block). Then go to the printout block, look for that element, and try to understand what is going on physically.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you Stefan,

    I'll try and figure out what's the problem with the element.

    Yan Bo

  • Stefan,

    I find the element and the equation, it shows the equation 2 and the element 9853.

    How can I find the equation 2?

    Yan Bo

  • Yan Bo,

    Check the TMVOC manual to see which component #2 is; the issue is related to the mass balance equation of this component. The key is now to look at element 9853 and carefully examine what is happening there.


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