CONNECTION in Mesh file

Hi,  dear all,

I am recently having problems in defining the connected elements in the MESH file.  I opened the MESH file, and I found there is error in "CONNE" part (own code in writing the MESH format). Is the format of connection part suppose to be the connected element for each block, which have the largest permeability and least permeability in the neighbor block?  What is the correct format? For example,

A11 1  A11 31                   1   8.5085E-02  8.5085E-02 6.0185E-01

what is the meaning of number "1" above in bold? 


Thank you.

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  • I read the manual, it explains as ,

    ISOT set equal to 1, 2, or 3; specifies absolute permeability to be PER(ISOT) for
    the materials in elements (EL1, NE1) and (EL2, NE2), where PER is read
    in block ROCKS. This allows assignment of different permeabilities, e.g.,
    in the horizontal and vertical direction.

    So does it means it is not reflecting the permeability / connection between neighbor elements? 

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    • Flybear 

      Here are the contents of Meshmaker (This makes a radial grid with radius 224m and depth 10m, 

          0.0e00    5.0e-2    7.0e-2                                                   
         30          1.0e2    7.0e-2

      I fail to  understand why RADII
         5.001e2  (500.1 ) is mentioned here, Wht is the logic through which this value is inputted in the meshmaker file?

      someone please shed some light on this??

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