SAVE as INCON: big issue

Hi everyone,

There is an issue with the initialisation of the components in place in my output file.

The attached file "save_file_run_1" (screenshot from the output file) shows the volume and mass balances at the end of the first run: HCBD is injected over a period of 86400 secs in an aquifer containing 282 640 kg of water. HCBD mass is 30 346.775 kg. "Nothing to declare" here, it is ok.

I use the SAVE file of the first run and name it INCON to use it for the second run, which is an injection of HCA within the same aquifer. And, here is the issue: the mass of water jumps to 303 761 kg, at the beginning of the second run (see attached file save_file_run_2). HCBD mass is 30 366.269 kg, whereas it should be 30 346.775 kg (small difference, though).

Should not TMVOC initialise the volumes and masses of the components for the second run the same as the end of the first run?

It does the same, no matter other VOC is injected.

Thank you very much for your help and knowledge,


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  • Hi Quentin,

    I don't have much information from your post, so I can only guess what is happening.

    (1) Check your INCON=SAVE file. I presume it lacks the phase indices, i.e., it shows something like

    AA  1           0.38500000E+00

    instead of

    AA  1           0.38500000E+00 2

    i.e., the last integer (in this example, "2") is missing for each element.


    (2) I also presume that your first run (the one that generated file SAVE) has a negative NKIN in blcok MULTI, i.e., you are providing T2VOC-style (without a phase index) instead of TMVOC-style initial conditions.


    (3) If my assumptions (1) and (2) are correct, you need to change the code (further assuming you have access to the source code), and change the following line in subroutine WRIFI, file t2fm.f:

    c     IF(EOSN(1).EQ.'TMVOC1    ') THEN
          if(inre.ne.0) then

    c     IF(EOSN(1).EQ.'TMVOC1    ') THEN
          if(inre.ne.0.OR.EOSN(1).EQ.'TMVOC1    ') then


    (4) If I'm on the wrong track, I would need to get all of your input files for both runs.


    • Quentin Giraud
    • PhD Student - Hydrogeology - Contaminated Sites - Modelling
    • Quentin_Giraud
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Hi Stefan,

    Sorry I could not give you much more information about my simulations.

    Problem solved, though. I made a mistake on the boundary conditions: a long story about wells (see my previous posts...).

    Thank you for your help and your diligency!


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