1d tough2 problem


my task is to use tough2 to do 1D simulation in a 10 m thick of unsaturated zone

from above the model is objected to precipitation and evapotranspiration

so i have a long time serie of weather data for several years 

lower boundary is static pressure and constant temperature#

i have to take into consideration two phase flow water flow and water vapor flow

i will use eos3 switching on diffusion

my question

how can i insert this long time serie of  evaporation  in the boundary conditions

i know we can use a sink source in block gener but this for one rate not for different rates during long time steps

p.s i may later have measurements of water content data or water  saturation  in different tims and depth and for long time serie.

i hope that my question is understandable



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  • please stefan  and other users 

    waiting for your help

  • Madi,

    Not sure what you mean by "weather data". If it is precipitation, just use the time-dependent generation rates provided in block GENER. If you want to specify time-dependent Dirichlet boundary conditions (i.e., of pressure, relative humidity, and temperature), and if you use standard TOUGH2, you would have to use the GENER block in combination with large volumes, as described in the manual. If you happen to have iTOUGH2, you could use the option TIMBC as described in Appendix A5.1 of the "iTOUGH2 Command Reference" (http://esd.lbl.gov/files/research/projects/tough/documentation/iTOUGH2_Command_Reference.pdf".

    Hope this helps.


  • thank you stefan

    yes i mean hourly or daily precipitation and evapotranspiration

    in such case for one year i will have a huge amount of data how can i manage it with block GENER

  • Decide what frequency of data you actually need to simulate, then put them into the GENER block in the standard way for specifying time-dependent Neumann boundary conditions (check LTAB).

  • Thank you very much Stefan, your remarks are always very helpful

    all the best


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