Stopping in main due to flow nonconvergence

Hello everyone, 

I am using ECO2N to simulate CO2 injection into a formation with relatively low permeability. I am having trouble with an error popping up. Here is what I have done so far:

  1. Pressure initialization (MOPR(1) = 2 in REACT) - ran this for 1000 years. Questions here: Does pressure initialization require a lot of time? Will my pressures in the mesh be different if I chose the same simulation time but different DELTMX for this case? 
  2. Chemical initialization (MOPR(1) = 0 in REACT) - ran this for 10,000 years. I set up my DELTMX to be around 2 months (in seconds) since it saves computation time. 
  3. Injection - I set up my GENER exactly similar to that of in P6-eco2n in the example problems. I decreased my DELTMX to 600 seconds. Changed SAVE and savechem to INCON and inchem. Made the times in INCON and inchem 0 to run the restart. When I run this simulation, after a couple of seconds I get this error:  Stopping in main due to flow nonconvergence.

I would appreciate any explanation as to what is happening. 

I have attached the three simulations I have done above for your reference. 

Kind regards,


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    With the help of  Bobby , I was able to figure out the issue.

    I had reduced permeability and increased injection rate to such levels that the pressure of some elements had reached 80MPa and caused TOUGHREACT to stop. 

    After changing the permeability and injection rate, the issue was resolved. 

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