Outputting total flow rates from the FORWARD option

I'm having difficulty getting iTOUGH2 running a forward simulation to output total flow rates across a defined connection using eco2n.  The only way I've been able, thus far, to output flow rates is by specifying both a phase and component.  Is there anything noticeably wrong about the following syntax I used in my iTOUGH2 input file, particularly the highlighted portion?



0.01 1000.0

>> Total FLOW rate

>>> CONNECTION: 100_1 101_1

>>>> ANNOTATION : Total Flow (kg/sec)

>>>> NO DATA






>>> solve FORWARD problem only






Again, if I specify both a phase and component in the portion in bold above, the output comes out fine.  If I specify one or zero phases or components, I receive an output of 0.0 for all the times I specify, not a total rate as specified by the iTOUGH2 command index. 

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  • Hi Mikey,


    I don't see anything wrong in the syntax, and my own test cases give the correct results. Please send me your input files so I can better understand what is going on.



  • Stefan,

    I'm having trouble sending the files over this forum (it keeps trying to add a .zip suffix to each individual file, and it won't let me send a .zip or .tar with all the files combined), so I've e-mailed you a .tar with all the relevant files.  We can keep up our discussions here, though.

  • Mikey,

    Your MULTI block in the forward input file hetests specifies NPH=4, which is not valid (ECO2N handles only up to 3 phases). I spare you the details of why this leads to a zero total flux in iTOUGH2 (in short: iTOUGH2 uses NPH to count the phases that need to be summed up to get the total flux).

    One of these days I will implement a check on the MULTI block and print an error message if an invalid combination is used.

    Hope this resolves the issue.



  • Oh, got it. Sorry, I migrated this over from ECO2M, and it didn't give me any issues until this.

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