An error of test problem # 7: CO2 layered formation.

Dear all TOUGH2-MP users

Hi. I'm Sungho Lee.

Recently, I have been faced a problem about TOUGH2-MP.

I installed TOUGH2-MP on my PC cluster(mater + 3 compute nodes).

After building TOUGH2-MP, I tested it with four test problems(r1dv, rcc3, rtab and rtp7)

When I typed '$ ./mpirun -np 12 -hostfile nodelist t2econ2n_mp ', everything looks fine except for rtp7.

The error from rtp7 shows that 'Error in EEADD2A: could not find block of A and many numbers which I can't figure out'. 

I tried to look for a routine realated with the error in TOUGH2-MP source codes.

I found it in Paral_sub.f. It is a code of TOUGH2-MP's source codes

If it is a kind of bug, Can you recoomand what I shuld do

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  • in most case, this is caused by a machine dependent bug occurred inside AZTEC. This problem has been fixed. Fixed code can be obtained from us

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  • Hi.

    I have been faced same problem.

    Could you send me the fixed code?

    My e-mail address is

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  • Please contact Noel Keen ( directly to get a bug fix related to this issue.

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  • I've e-mailed Noel at the above address but got no reply. Is there a new address to try now?
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  • Hi,
    We encountered the same error.
    Did you know get the fixed code ? If so, may you please give a contact for that (my address : bernard DOT vialay AT andra DOT fr).
    Thanks by advance,
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  • For the new version of tough2-mp (i.e. tough2.01-mp), please contact Stefan Finsterle (

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