Monte Carlo simulation crash using iTOUG2.


I have a problem using iTOUGH2. when I try Monte Carlo simulation with a model containing MINC.

The Tough2 input file contains the 'MINC' keyword, and I have a file called 'MINC' generated by PetraSim. The Tough2 simulation per se runs fine. The MINC file contains data in the form:


    1          FRA140.1688E+080.0000E+00          0.6250E+030.7500E+03-.4700E+04
2   1          MAT140.1108E+100.0000E+00          0.6250E+030.7500E+03-.4700E+04
    2          FRA140.1688E+080.0000E+00          0.1875E+040.7500E+03-.4700E+04
2   2          MAT140.1108E+100.0000E+00          0.1875E+040.7500E+03-.4700E+04
    3          FRA140.6750E+070.0000E+00          0.2750E+040.7500E+03-.4700E+04
2   3          MAT140.4432E+090.0000E+00          0.2750E+040.7500E+03-.4700E+04
    4          FRA140.6750E+070.0000E+00          0.3250E+040.7500E+03-.4700E+04
2   4          MAT140.4432E+090.0000E+00          0.3250E+040.7500E+03-.4700E+04


However, if I try to use this model using iTough (Monte Carlo), I get the following error:

At line 1873 of file D:\source\Fortran\iTOUGH2\iT2_1\meshm.f(unit = 56, file = 'D:\Ngatamariki\iTough2 single and dual\MINC')Fortran runtime error: End of file

I also checked MINC file was overwritten after iTOUGH2. before using iTOUGH2, MINC file contained TOUGH2 mesh information (see above). However, MESH info in MINC file is erased after iTOUGH2, and is replaced by a single line




Please let me know what the problem is and how to solve it at your earliest convenience. Thank you. If you need to know some more details, please contact me.




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  • (The problem could not be reproduced at LBNL, and disappeared after reinstallation of the code.)


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