How to switch between injection well to production well (time dependent)

Hi, Everyone,


I am a PhD student. I need some urgent help in the TOUGH2. I wan to switch the well properties between the injection well and the production well during the simulation. I know there is a table to control the well properties. I  have no idea how to realize this function. Can anyone help me ? Thanks. This is really important to me. I really appreciate your time in reading this post.

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  • Flybear!

    Yes, use the time dependent generation/injection rate in GENER to switch from injection to production. Use two sink/sources in the same element, one for the (positive) injection at certain times (using COMx to identify which component x you want to inject). When the injection goes to zero, make the second sink/source active by specifying a (negative) MASS flow rate. Just make sure the tables with LTAB entries you specify has zero rates for one sink/source while the other is non-zero.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi Stefen,

    Regarding your answer to the same question, should the name (SL,NS) of those two source and sink be unique? Can it be same name?



  • Frankly, I'm not sure (my guess is it does not matter). It's certainly a good idea to keep (SL,NS) unique (their only purpose is to label sinks/sources). Why not just try it both ways and see what happens? Then let everybody know what you find.

  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for quick reply! 
    I am using Tough3 and tried sample problem of Five-spot (rfp-EOS1) with same as well as different sink/source name. And I found that there is no difference in the result. However, when tried with same sink/source name and GOFT is specified then it shows the result (in GOFT***.CSV file) of first entry in the GENER, which is quite convincing to me.

    I also found that, when I change the order of the sink/source in GENER there is a very slight/negligible change in the output, I am not sure if this is supposed to be happened.

    All results and INPUT files are attached here in case if anyone is interested.


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