Pressure-dependent Neumann Boundary condition

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Dose anyone know how to set up a pressure-dependent Neumann Boundary condition in TOUGH2?  Like evaporation problem, how can I set up the evaporation amount (in GENER block) as a function of vapor pressure? 


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    • Mikey_Hannon
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    I'm not sure how to solve your problem exactly, but I'm going to respond here assuming you were attempting to implement an atmospheric boundary condition at the top of a water column or unsaturated zone...

    If you made a boundary element for the atmosphere with very large volume, you can change the pressure in that volume over time with a source (or sink) with suitable injection (or production) rates.  See Section 7.2 of the TOUGH 2 User's Guide, starting on page 62.  Once you have that pressure vs. time set up properly in that element, the evaporation occurring in the elements beneath it should take care of itself.

    I hope this helps get you started!  If this doesn't describe your problem sufficiently, please send me more details about what you're trying to do.


    - Mikey

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