Five-spot Geothermal production/injection

Hei guyz. 

I'm new learning how to use tough2 and working with CO2 injection using EOS2. My project should be of type 9.4 problem No. 4. Therefore, i have been studying this problem. Can someone tell me

1. How did they come up with the element and connection block numbers in the input file . i know they are from 1/8 Mesh specifications but how ? how can i make  my own ? how to specify the boundary conditions and modify the mesh ?  

2. This problem is based on single layer of 305 m thick, but how can i modell different layers and heterogeneous ?    


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  • Late replay indeed, but it seems several users are interested about the grid used for Problem No. 4 (*rfp*) - Five-spot Geothermal Production/Injection (Pruess et al., 1999).

    That grid was built by using the PATTY grid generator described by Fuller and Pruess (1985):  PATTY – A mesh generator for simulations of five-, seven-, and nine-spot floods. Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., report LBL-20739, Berkeley, California.

    PATTY can be used to build 5-, 7-, and 9-spot well patterns, with parallel or diagonal grids. Different differencing schemes can be adopted to reduce the problems related to grid orientation effects.

    Applications of grids built with PATTY are discussed in Pruess  and Bodvarsson  (1983): A seven-point finite difference method for improved grid orientation performance in pattern steamfloods. SPE 12252, Reservoir Simulation Symposium, Nov. 15-18, 1983, San Francisco, CA, USA.



    • Alfredo Battistelli 

      Hi Alfredo,

      This is the first time I've heard of PATTY, and it sounds very useful.  Do you have the source code and/or a copy of LBL-20739 (which I searched for here but cannot find).

      Thanks, Chris

  • Hi Chris.

    I should have a draft of the LBL report. I have the original code and a slightly modified version in which the number of layers and elements was increased.

    I'll send you by email the document and the code.

    By the way: in the original MESHM.for of TOUGH2 V.2.0 you can find the following statement:

          DATA VER/'RZ2D ','RZ2DL','XYZ  ','PATTY','MINC ','     '/

    It seems that at the time there was the idea to have PATTY embedded into the meshmaker. Probably it would be easy to do that.



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