how to calculate the amount of CO2(aq) in ECO2N

Hi, everyone,

I'm want to know the meaning of "XCO2(aq)"  in the file of flow. out and how can I calculate the amount of CO2 which was sequestered by dissolution capture? does it need to combine the volume of the grid and the value of the "xco2(aq) or something else?

And one more question, there is a parameter called SMCO2 in solid.out which means "Total CO2 sequstered in mineral phases in  kg/m**3 medium" , then what is the volume of the "medium", is it the value which express as " (1-porosity)*volume of the grid"?

 I hope someone can tell me, thank you all !

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    • Alison_Alcott
    • 7 mths ago
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    There is a good discussion about the calculation of the mass of dissolved CO2 in a recent post:


    Regarding the SMCO2, I think the volume of the medium could be calculated using the equation you've shown, but perhaps someone else could confirm this.

      • Luoluo
      • 7 mths ago
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       Thank you so much.

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