Can TOUGHREACT automatically calculate injection rate into each element?



I was wondering if TOUGHREACT can automatically calculate the injection rate into each element without the user interfering? 


For example, I would like to injection 90 kg/s into a layer that is 100 meters thick and there are 20 elements within that 100 meters. Can TOUGHREACT calculate how much should be injected into each element? 


My current method of calculating the above is using transmissivity:

Transmissivity = Permeability (x-direction) * thickness (of the element) 

Then I sum the transmissivities (only the ones that are participating in injection). And then I divide each element transmissivity by the total transmissivity to get what portion of the total injection will be injected into that element. 


Then I multiply 90 kg/s by the ratio of element transmissivity / total transmissivity and that is how I define the injection rate of each element. 


Would appreciate this group's feedback. 


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    • kenny
    • 10 mths ago
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    Try adding an additional new element and connecting this element to the 20 elements.  Have the Injection 90 kg/s to the new element. The fluxes between new element and the 20 elements are the injection rates for them. 

    • Reservoir Engineer
    • Alfredo_b
    • 10 mths ago
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    Not sure it can work.

    What is needed is something to emulate the injection wellbore. A column of elements shall be added and connected to the injection elements.

    By assigning a high permeabilty to column elements and injecting at column top the P will rise in the column with a P gradient close to hydrostatic. Injection into the different  reservoir elements will be computed by TOUGH. 

    Connection parameters between the column and reservoir elements can be chosen in such a way to reproduce an injectivity index. In this case the injection P would be realistic. But this may not be necessary for the intended simulation.


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