Tough+Hydrate not running 10k+ mesh on windows, How to compile source code on ubuntu

Hello Toughers.

My simulation runs great if number of mesh elements is less than 10k. I have computer with 16gb RAM.

I read solution is to compile source code on Ubuntu.

Can anyone give me steps or the command to compile TOUGH+HYDRATE source code on Ubuntu.

Also how to use the executable for running the Test file on Ubuntu?

Will the usual TH.lin64<Test_3D>T.out command work?

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  • I have solved this problem on windows (using VISUAL STUDIO). There is a quicksort function in source code, it is written by a recursive subroutine in T_ALLOCATE.F90, when you set a big number of element, the function will have too much data and induce the stack overflow. That's reason of mine. I think you should change content of stack or change the source code of this quicksort function.

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