EOS7C - time stepping problem

Hi everyone,
I am using the EOS7C to simulate a pumping test (production well) in coal seam gas aquifer with hydraulic fractures.

I used automatic time stepping (MOP (16) = 2), TMAX= 30 days  and DEL1= 1 day with 30 time steps (MCYC=30).

After running my model, I got results for first day (0.100000E+01 DAYS), second day (0.200000E+01 DAYS), third (0.300000E+01 DAYS) day and fourth day (0.400000E+01 DAYS).. after 4th day the length of time steps were decreased to:

0.425000E+01 DAYS, 0.450000E+01 DAYS, 0.475000E+01 DAYS, 0.481250E+01 DAYS, 0.487500E+01 DAYS, 0.490625E+01 DAYS, 0.496875E+01 DAYS, 0.497656E+01 DAYS, 0.497754E+01 DAYS, 0.497803E+01 DAYS, 0.497827E+01 DAYS, 0.497828E+01 DAYS, 0.497829E+01 DAYS, 0.497831E+01 DAYS, 0.497834E+01 DAYS, 0.497840E+01 DAYS, 0.497852E+01 DAYS, 0.497877E+01 DAYS, 0.497926E+01 DAYS, 0.498023E+01 DAYS, 0.498219E+01 DAYS, 0.499390E+01 DAYS, 0.500953E+01 DAYS, 0.504078E+01 DAYS, 0.505640E+01 DAYS

after KCYC=30 the program was stopped.
This problem might be from convergence failure or something else.
Please let me know if you have any experience about this problem and how can I fix this?

Many Thanks

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  • Sara,

    It is hard to say from this info what might be happening. Can you send me your input, INCON, and MESH files and I can try to reproduce your problem?



  • Hi curt,

    Many thanks for your reply. I sent my input file to your email address (cmoldenburg@lbl.gov).

    I am looking forward to your response

    Best Regards


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