Nonconvergence of TOUGREACT v332 (ECO2N)

I am performing 2-D radial simulation using TOUGHREACT (ECO2N). When I carried out the simulation using v332, the message "Stopping in main due to flow nonconvergence" appeared after several time steps. Both of the simulation using v3.0 and only flow simulation using v332 run with no problem.
Could you please advise me how to solve the problem?

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  • Hi Norifumi,

    Try setting ICO2H20=3 (only minerals take h2o and co2) or =0 (no coupling of reactions with flow). V3.32 has a more rigorous treatment of reactions coupled to mass conservation  in flow). This can make convergence more difficult, but is more accurate. Ico2h2o=2 may overestimate the reaction coupling to flow for eco2n. Ico2h2o=3 is my preferred setting now for coupling since it only considers incorporation of co2 and h2o into minerals coupled back to the mass balance for flow.

    let me know if you still have problems. There are some other setting that have changed (i.e. stimax).



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  • Dear Eric,

    Thank you for your advice.

    I still have the problem although I tried it as your comment, ICO2H2O=3 or =0 (STIMAX=2.0-6.0). Could you advise me the other setting?


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    • Norifumi Todaka 


      Hi Norifumi,

      i probably would need to see your files. Is it chemical or flow nonconvergence? Make sure the MOP AND MOPR parameters are set as in the new sample problems. 


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