Problem running TOUGHREACT v 1.2 on Petrassim


I am new to TOUGHREACT and using v 1.2 on PETRASIM. Essentially I am trying to model formation of quartz veins on fractures from fluid from rock matrix. Just to see I set certain conc. of aqueous ions (Ca, Na, K, SiO2(aq)) and minerals as anorthite, albite, K-feldspar and quartz in proportions as would be expected in a granite. I am setting a temperature of 300 deg C and from the example-1 (Toughreact Module of Petrasim Resources) I am creating a mesh with about 100 cells (i m each) and one end being the input and the other end being the output. The model is not running and exiting with error of Singular Matrix in Chemical Solver.

I shall greatly appreciate if anybody could give me some tips.



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  • Hi Mruganka,

    You could get Singular Matrix in chemical solver for different reasons. If you provide more detail or send me your input files I might be able to help you get it run.

    Since you are new, did you set chemical zones for your cells? If not, you can do it in PetraSim from Model> Edit Layers>chemical zones>set chemical zones. 



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