No error, nothing... Why this file refuses to Run? Tried everything, but it just wont run.

I am modeling a R-Z system(100-X, 190-Z). There are just three layers, TOPSD, BOTSD, and HYDRL, apart from thin top and bottom cell. Everything is setup correctly. The file runs if i apply depressurization, but not without it.

Please see and Help

 I am trying to do the initialization Run. 

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  • It looks like you did not give the boundary conditions. You need give at least one griblock with  first type boundary for the gravity equilibrium initialization.  

    • kenny here's my setup

      I have fixed pressure at the top by using TOPBB with 0.001m using fixed BC.

      I have not used fixed BC for the bottom(BOTIN). So what is the problem here?

  • Do you get any error message? I do not understand what you mean by " just wont run". 

    • kenny Here is the Out file attached herewith.

      By "just wont run" i mean that the file runs only upto a certain point. see screenshot attached

    • Brad Castleberry So you see there is no error. Rather the file stops running without any error.

  • I did a quick tracking and found the problem appeared in the Quicksort subroutine. The Quicksort is for sorting the mesh elements based on their names. It uses a  pretty standard mathematical approach  and I do not see any problem. It is strange to me. Seems something wrong with the mesh.  If you have a version of the model which can work with this mesh, please post it here and I will have a look. 

    • kenny  Like i said in my first post, If i fix the bottommost layer, pressure and temperature (though i know it is wrong to fix the bottom P,T) i.e., BOTIN, the file works . here is the file attached which is working along with .out file. Hope you can finally decode the silent error reason 

      • kenny
      • kenny
      • 2 mths ago
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      Brad Castleberry Sorry for late response.  I guess the problem was caused by Quicksort. You can avoid the problem by removing the first layer of the mesh (the first 72 gridblocks) to right before the "ina" element. The change of mesh element sequence could lead to performance change  of Quicksort and avoid the problem. This is a ridicule approach, but can temporary solve your problem.

    • kenny 

      I will try this suggestion and let you know if it's working.

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