Defining Tortuosity

How to insert the tortuosity in Petrasim software? 

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  • Hi Abdelrazik.

    TOUGH2 allows 3 options for assigning the tortuosity coefficient and the the diffusivities used to compute the diffusion fluxes (see pag. 159 of the User's guide).

    In PetraSim only the first two can be used:

    1. assign TORTX different than 0.

    2. leave TORTX=0 (Millington & Quirk model).

    The third option (use diffusivities <0) cannot be used as PetraSim does not accept negative values. A possibility could be to assign the absolute values in PetraSim, modify the input file assigning negative values and then run directly the TOUGH2 executable without running it from inside PetraSim, as it would overwrite the input file.

    TORTX can be assigned from:

    Material Data > Additional Material Data > Misc(ellanea)

    The diffusivities can be assigned from:

    Properties > Global Properties > EOS > Molecular Diffusion



  • Thank you so much. 

  • I have to correct my self. I made a wrong check in PetraSim: actually the code accepts negative diffusivities.

    Thus, even the third TOUGH2 option mentioned in the previous post can be chosen in PetraSim.


  • Thank you. I have a another question. How I can insert diffusion coefficient for just a period of time in the simulation on Petrasim. for instance, the first half of the simulation, I neglect the diffusion. But I would like to input the diffusion  for the next half of the simulation. Thank you

  • You should run the first segment without diffusion.

    Then run a restart by assigning the desired diffusion parameters.

  • Thank you so much I will run them separately. 

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