Large Size of Plot_Data_Elem file

I am getting very large Plot_Data_Eleme output file (20 GB). Is it normal? Is it possible to get this file only for certain time interval instead of all time steps?

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  • No it is not normal to get Plot Data Elem file in  10-20GB size. The size actually depends on parameters used in your simulation file

    If you attach your file here, then i can take a look 

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      Brad Castleberry 

      These are param data I chose

      ----*----1 MOP: 123456789*123456789*1234 ---*----5----*----6----*----7----*----8
         3 -99     020000000020220101410905000   0.00E-5                           300        10
                 3.154E+97    1.0e+2   1.64E+8              9.8060
           1.E-5     1.E00                                  1.0e-8            Aqu
       7.5000000000000E+06 0.0000000000000E+00 3.5000000000000E-11 2.0000000000000E+01
       0.000E+00 8.640E+04 8.640E+05 2.160E+06 4.320E+06 6.480E+06 8.640E+06 1.080E+07
       1.296E+07 1.512E+07 1.728E+07 1.944E+07 2.160E+07 2.376E+07 2.592E+07 2.808E+07
       3.024E+07 3.154E+07

    • SM Its difficult to exactly decode the reason from looking only at this  part of the file. 

      However, it seems you have a very large end time,  3.154E+97

      and you are writing at least 19 time instants to Plot_data_elem file. so i guess the reason lies elsewhere in your file.

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