I purchased Tough2 software and i want to run it using PC 64, 8 proccesor, but i couldnot, please can any one you help me in running the software and to run an example, I read the instruction given with the software but it is complicated. Please give me the procedure to run it because i am biginner. I have the source code and ECO2N executabile. I need the first step to compile COMPILATION/LINKING/EXECUTION OF TOUGH2. I attache the read me file.
Best Regards

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    • Manuel Rivera
    • Geothermal reservoir engineer at Mercury NZ Ltd.
    • Manuel_Rivera
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I do not have EOS3 compiled. But I ran a different example, the 5-spot production-injection problem, which I believe uses EOS1, and the result was the same.

    marivera@MARIVERAWS2 ~/Documents
    $ tough2 sam3 1
    + iTOUGH2 started: -tough2 sam3 1
    sed: can't read sam3.out: No such file or directory
    /bin/mv: cannot stat 'sam3.sav': No such file or directory
    /bin/rm: cannot remove '*.plo': No such file or directory
    Temporary directory /home/marivera/it2_8460 not removed!
    + iTOUGH2 completed: -tough2 sam3 1


    I attached the contents of the temporary directory.

  • Hi Manuel,

    I cannot reproduce the issue, and I probably do not have access to the (somewhat strange and 8-year old) version you seem to have. Please try one of the following "workarounds" for running iTOUGH2 in forward mode:

    (1) Create a dummy iTOUGH2 input file (it could actually be an empty file); call it "forwardi"

    (2) Instead of using the tough2 script, use the itough2 script, i.e., type:

    itough2 forwardi sam3 1

    (3) If this does not work, try using the executable directly (rather than the script), i.e., type:


    Then enter "forwardi" and "sam3" when prompted.

    (4) Have you tried an inverse run, i.e.:

     itough2 sam3p1i sam3 1

    (5) Check read/write/exe permissions and full path to /home/marivera/it2_* and Documents, etc.


    That's all I can offer right now.



    • Manuel Rivera
    • Geothermal reservoir engineer at Mercury NZ Ltd.
    • Manuel_Rivera
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Dear Stefan,

    Unfortunately none of them worked, but thank you anyway for the help.  I am using the license of LaGeo in El Salvador. It is kind of old but is the one we have been using here for a while.  I guess I'll stick to linux for running TOUGH2.

    Have a nice day!

  • Hi Stefan, 

    We have purchased the source code, and I see the executable files of different EOS in PC-executable folder. 
    I used the samples from folder "eos7ca" and run it using "tough3-eos7ca.exe" but it gave me error in processing. It seems that the model runs and finishes at time zero. I copied the screenshot of the results here. 
    I wonder if the problem is with the input file or it is generated because of the executable file. I need your help with that issue and I am thankful if you could help me. 

  • Hi Shirin,

    I do not see any error here. It seems the input file asks to run 1 time step, which is set to 1.e-9. And that is exactly what the code did.

    Please make sure you post your message with correct information to get proper help (e.g., you are running TOUGH3 not TOUGH2).



      • Shirin
      • Shirin_Samani
      • 3 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Yingqi Zhang  thanks for your answer. I see the model runs for 1e-9 sec, but I got confused why all the other numbers are zero. For example, model computation, calculation time, and input time are zero.  

    • Shirin This is a very small problem, and with today's fast computer it hardly takes time for reading input and model computation etc.


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