Problem with two VOC

I've run my model with one VOC (aa.dat) without a problem.
But, when I tried to use two VOC (ab.dat) in my model, it didn' t work.

Could you help me?

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  • Please describe the problem you're having, other than "it didn't work". For example: were there any error messages, a hard crash, or convergence issues?



  • Hello,
    I found two errors in your ab.dat file:
    In the final line of the PARAM block, you are not specifying enough initial conditions for a problem with 4 components plus energy. There should be 5 entries, the first 4 on one line and the final one on the next line in columns 1-20.
    The final line of the GENER block is missing: you specify a table with 6 entries, but only 4 flow rates are specified.
    • ito
    • ito
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Thank you Stefan and Chris,

    I got an error message in command prompt: "input conversion error".
    I've followed Chris advices:
      - 5 initial conditions in PARAM block
      - 6 specified flow rates
    But I still got the same error message.


  • Dear Ito,

    I think there are tabs or other special characters in your input file that do not show, but that the code cannot read.  Check line 69 (the new line in the PARAM block), line 103 (the new line in the GENER block), and line 104 (the line that is supposed to be blank to signal the end of the GENER block).  If you cannot see the tab, just delete the whole line and recreate it with no tabs or special characters.  I think line 23 (the blank line at the end of the CHEMP block) also has a tab, but the code does not use this line (it could be removed) so I don't think it causes problems.

    I also had to add some blanks after the word "AIR" in the NCGAS block for the code to recognize it.  In fact, for my compiler, I have to add blanks out to column 80 in most lines in the input file, but you may not have to do this.  Attached is an input file that worked for me.

    In general, try to never put tabs or other special characters that do not show in your input file.  It can be very hard to track down the errors that they cause.


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    • ito
    • ito
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Thank you, Chris.
    I thought tab doesn't matter in input file.
    From now, I will never use tab again in writing the input file.

    Thank you so much for your time checking my file.


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