Quick fix of a bug in ECO2N V2.0

In the ECO2N V2.0 User’s Guide, it says that setting IE(16)=1 invokes the CO2/brine mutual solubility formulation from ECO2N V1.0 for low temperature (<99C).  However, if you tried that and got the results that were still different from ECO2N V1.0, then you may have a version of ECO2N V2.0 with a known bug that causes the ECO2N V2.0 formulation to be invoked for both IE(16)=0 and IE(16)=1.

To fix this bug, go to the module BLOCK DATA THERMODATA in the file CO2Proper_new.f and insert the line


after the final data statement in the module.  Then recompile the source code to create a new executable.

The thermophysical properties employed in ECO2N V2.0 are considered more accurate than those employed in ECO2N V1.0, so use of IE(16)=1 is expected to only be needed when comparing current simulation results to older results produced with ECO2N V1.0.

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  • Hi Lehua,


    This is Isaac Ju, a summer intern from LLNL, recently working on a project involved in CO2 sequestration. Thanks for pointing out this minor bug in the CO2Proper_new.f source file, which confuses me for a while because the default values given for temp1 and temp2 are 0.0 and 0.0, which basically nullify the IF statement of choosing versions of EOS. 




    • Isaac Ju hello Isaac

      can you please tell if there is a way to visualize mesh made by meshmaker 1.5 using MATLAB or TECPLOT?

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