Compiling/Executing TOUGH+RealGasBrine - Also, Hysteresis?


I would greatly appreciate some help getting TOUGH+RealGasBrine running on my PC. Below is a summary of the things I have tried so far without success:

When I tried to run the Windows executable that was provided from the TOUGH2 website, it brought up an error message saying that "cygwin1.dll" was missing from my computer. I have cygwin installed, so I checked to make sure that the dll file existed (which it did) and even added the directory where it is stored to the path environment variable of my computer. I still got the same error message. I also tried simply typing "ifort" in a cygwin window to see if I could compile code from there, but it said "-bash: ifort: command not found."

I then tried to compile the code myself by copying all of the .f90 source code files from the original download into a working directory and adapting a Visual Studio project from a successful compilation of iTOUGH2-EOS7C that I had done previously. When I tried to build the solution, it brought up 79 error messages, many of which pertained to "opening compiled module files" and suggested that I "check INCLUDE paths." FYI, I have the Intel Visual Fortran compiler installed on my machine.

Does anyone know how to overcome these issues?

Also, once I get the code up and running, is it possible to include hysteretic capillary pressure and relative permeability functions in my model? It was somewhat unclear from the document about the hysteresis capabilities of TOUGH2 whether TOUGH+ includes this capability.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


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  • Hello again,

    The compilation/execution portion of the above post can be disregarded as I was able to get the code to run.

    However, I do still wonder about the hysteresis capability of TOUGH+, so any guidance on that account will be much appreciated.



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