TMVOC-MP is compiled but doesn't work

Hi Guys,


After years of using TMVOC, we have recently bought TMVOC-MP. Unfortunately we have not yet had a pleasant  experience and need some help. 

  I tried to compile the code (with a headache finding appropriate libmetis.a and libaztec.a). Cray compiler did not work and gave the errors seen in the first figure.

Intel seems to compile the code with several warnings (Figure 2). It eventually delivered  tmvoc_mp (the executable file).


I then ran r2dl1 with the intel-compiled version (after renaming the input file) and received errors as seen in Figure 3.


My questions:


1-Any idea about the errors (Cray compiler) and warnings (Intel compiler) on the GOTO 100 command in several places?


2- Any idea why r2dl1 is not giving the answer and can not read the input file properly?


FYI, we use a supercomputer with Linux OS. I also compiled Aztec and Metis 4 with the same intel compiler.

Thanks in advance and kind regards



PS: The files delivered were not exactly what was descried in the User's Manual. Any idea?

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    • kenny
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    (1) is caused by the limitation of different version of FORTRAN Language. It should be easy to fix, if you get some one know Fortran well.

    (2) It is no enough information to figure out what is the problem.

    (if you need more help, please contact me by email. In general, I do not come here)


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