Empty FOFT file

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with the following problem.

I am running ToughReact1.2(eos3) and would like to use the FOFT keyword to obtain time-dependent data for selected elements (see at the bottom of attached file). The calculation completes fine and outputs a FOFT file, however the file is empty. I cannot see where the problem is and would appreciate any help.


Thank you,



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  • Why it is so?

    When I am changing the injection variables or perm, the FOFT file is either empty or have less data (less than 100 which is default? I guess). 
    Anyone out there knows how to fix the problem?



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  • I got some ideas, definitely there is no calculation when the FOFT is empty, so one should consider why the convergence is not happening.
    I checked the things like the relative convergence error criterion, and in my model which was Theis solution I was injecting at a high rate at which the elements cannot accept the fluid, so I changed the value of the rate or the perm of the rock, and it works.
    For the data number in FOFT, there is no rule to be 100, it is basically based on convergence rate of the solution, you can check the file  LINEQ to know more about the time steps.



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