XAIRL in volume element with no liquid phase

Hello TOUGH users!

I am simulating a simple diffusion problem with EOS3. In my model, I have a volume element which is fully saturated with air and the rest of volume elements are fully saturated with water.In Output file it is repoted that XAIRL in the element which is fully saturated with air is 0.16235E-04. How is it possible to calculate mass fraction of air in liquid phase in volume element that there is no liquid phase in it.

initial condition for the whole system in PARAM is:    

          1.01E5                 0.0               25.00

and initial condition for the element fully saturated with air is:

          1.01E5                 1.0                25.0        

is there anyone who can help me understand the meaning of XAIRL=0.16235E-04 at element with no liquid phase.


Thanks in advance,


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  • Dear Youhanna,

    The non-zero XAIRL value you see in the output file for elements that do not have a liquid phase is just the equilibrium mass fraction (according to Henry's law) that would be present if there were a liquid phase. TOUGH2 needs this value even under single-phase gas conditions in case a phase change occurs.

    Consider it additional information that you may not need for your particular simulation.

    I apologize for the very late response.


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