problem with initiatal conditions eos3 diffusion of water vapor in water in unsaturated soil layer

Dear moderators

in my problem i have to solve the diffusion of water vapor in water in unsaturated zone attached are the input file and mesh file 

i could not find the problem even i tried for long time

i do not know if the initial conditions are correct

the first element is  objected to atmospheric boundary and the last element is the ground water level with constant pressure and constant temperature


thanks for your understanding and support


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  • Madi,

    I've just realized that no reply was posted for your question. Please let me know if you are still interested in a reply, in which case I'll try to look at your input files. However, I hope you understand that we do not have the resources to "debug" user's input files "from scratch". You much more likely get a reply from the TOUGH2 users community if you submit a short "issue report" with the following minimal information:

    (1) What is it you are trying to do?

    (2) What output do you get? Which part of the output do you consider problematic, and why? What output do you expect?

    (3) What steps did you do yourself in an attempt to resolve the issue?

    (4) What specific question to you want to be answered that would help you resolve the issue?

    I briefly looked at your input file and found many mistakes.

    Sorry for the late reply.


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