The problem of using toughio to process input files


Here is a test input file that can run normally(r2dl1).

But when I use toughio to read and write, the output file(r2dl1_new) cannot be executed correctly.

parameters = toughio.read_input("r2dl1")
toughio.write_input("r2dl1_new", parameters)

Do I miss any details? Can someone help me?

Thank you!

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    • Tianyu_He
    • 1 yr ago
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    I found that I replaced the START and PARAM blocks in the new file, left a blank line at the end of the SELEC block. Finally, delete the ELEME and CONNE blocks in the new file, and use the external MESH file.  The new file can be executed successfully, but the wrong results will be obtained.馃槬

    • kenny
    • 1 yr ago
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    A good practice is to place an empty line at the end of inputs for a keyword (or an empty line before the new keyword). You may try. 

      • Tianyu_He
      • 1 yr ago
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      kenny  Thank you for your advice.

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