Injecting Methane in TOUGH+RealGasBrine model, but none appears in output


I am trying to run a simple 1-D model in which I inject gas phase methane into an initially water-saturated column of rocks. I have been able to model this system using TOUGH2-EOS7C and iTOUGH2-EOS7C, but I now want to transition to using TOUGH+RealGasBrine, because I'm interested in how the effects of salinity on gas solubility will alter the results.

I adjusted my working EOS7C input file into the TOUGH+ input format, and the simulation runs, but the output shows zero methane throughout the entire system at all times. Can anyone tell me what I need to change in my input file to make the code recognize the methane that I'm trying to introduce to the system? 

The input and output files are attached for your reference.

Thank you very much in advance for your help,


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