T2Well questions

Hi there,


Starting to play around with T2Well and having good fun. ;)


Two things (at least) that I didn't understood:

1- ROCKS data block: the domain name for wellbore cells starting with 'x'. What are they representative of in practise? a wellbore filled of gravel?

2- ELEME data block: negative value of AHT represents a section of an annulus and the absolute value of AHT is the outside diameter of the annulus (from T2well manual). Does that means that we can account for circulation outside this cell with friction losses?

Is there any publically available dataset using these out there please?


T2Well was originally written with ECO2N v1. Is there an existing version with ECO2N V2 and/ or ECO2M maybe?



Kind regards,


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  • Hi Ludo,

    1. Rock "x" was designed to simulate special sections of a well which has larger pressure loss, such as a nozzle, a choke, including the section filled with gravel possible in some broken well although the newer version offers different (maybe better) ways to simulate such cases.

    2. Negative value of AHT was designed to account for the correct side surface area of an annulus if the formation around the well was not explicitly included in the mesh (e.g., a well only mesh and heat exchange between well and formation is calculated analytically). If both the well assemble and the formations are included in a mesh, negative AHT is not needed because the geometry information of the annulus can be calculated from the information contained in the mesh.   

    3. We do have T2Well incorporated with ECO2N V2 but it has not yet been released to public though. However, it is possible to make it available to our collaborators.  


    Good luck!


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  • Thank you. It makes a lot of sense. I really like the possibilities that offer the Rock "x" option.




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