Scientific format of numbers in TOUGH2 input file

Hi. I just experienced some strange behavior when trying to run 1D gravity equilibrium for ECO2N module with TOUGH2-MP for test case 4 (rtp7). I used the following ROCKS block in the input file (INFILE):

sand     2  2600.e00      0.35     3e-12     3e-12     3e-12      2.51      920.
    7           0.40      0.20        1.      0.05
    7           0.40      0.20   2.79e-4      1.e7      .999


This ROCKS block gave strange result for the flow. However, if I replaced the permeability from 3e-12 to 3.e-12 (note the dot in front of the exponent) seemingly correct results where obtained.


I wondered if this issue could be due to the formatting of numbers in fortran? 

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    • George_Pau
    • 10 yrs ago
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    Thanks for pointing that out. Because the format of the fortran read is E10.4, it will read 3e-12 as 0.0003e-12. Putting a decimal point lets the code knows where the decimal point starts.

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