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I have this problem while constructing the generation time table using (GENER). I have a table of 5 time-points (rows) which is illustrated below. When I run the code, it crashes. I observed that the problem is solved when the number of time points is less than or equal to 4. 

A1  1inj 1                   5     COM3a      0.50        0.
0.            78840000.     157680000.    236520000.     31536000.   
0.8          0.6                   0.4           0.2            0.           
0.            0.             0.              0.              0.

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  • Refaat,

    You can only enter 4 entries per line, so you'll need to start a new line for the 5th one.

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  • You can find how to implement the case you brought up in the first term in the GENER block in the attached file.

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    • Mikey Hannon Thanks so much.

      • T. Young
      • Young
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      Mikey Hannon 

      Hi Mikey Hannon,

      I would like to ask you a similar question.
      Can I set the time-dependent pressure in the DELV option as well?
      I wonder if it is possible to decrease the bottomhole pressure of the production well over time.



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