Increasing the number of rock materials

Hi everyone,

I am working with TOUGH2/EOS7C. I need to use 44 different rock materials in the ROCKS. I am wondering if there is any way that I can increase the number of rock materials from 27 to 44 in the input file?



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  • Sara,

    Please see my third reply in the following chain:



  • Hi Stefan.

    Thanks, I had read through that post previously but I was not certain that we were trying to achieve the same things. To provide some background, my mesh has one layer including 79 elements in the x,79 elements in the y and one element in the z direction. the permeability in x y and z directions are similar. However the permeability is changed from cell to cell. I have a production well in the center of the model and extracting both gas and water from the well. 

    My aim is to define around 50 rock materials in ROCKS that each one is allocated to each cell around the well, with different permeability.

    If I could clarify a few things with you, it would be very helpful. For instance:

    (1) Simply globally replace "(27)" by "(500)" and "(3,27)" by "(3,500"), assuming you want 500 rock types.

    I carried out this step, and to confirm by "globally", I replace all instances of "(27)" and "(3,27)" with your replacements, in all files (i.e. eos7cv01v.f , t2f.f   and   t2f09jan10.f )

    (2) Simply remove the Leverett scaling in subroutine MULTI (file t2fm.f), i.e., comment out or delete the following line:

      107    IF(PM(N).NE.0.) PAR(NLM2P+6)=PAR(NLM2P+6)/SQRT(PM(N))

    I have found and deleted this line, in t2f09jan10.f.

    (3) Redimension "PM(MNEL)" to "PM(3,MNEL)" in COMMON BLOCK E7, then read in three instead of only one permeability modifier in INPUT and RFILE, and assign it in t2fm.f according the to value of ISOT (there are only a handful of uses of PM() throughout the code). (I presume your permeability tensor and heterogeneity data are accurate enough to warrant such a treatment, and that your sampling algorithm accounts for correlated sampling to maintain some anisotropy.)

    Here I tend to become a little confused. I have found and replaced "PM(MNEL)" with "PM(3,MNEL)" in COMMON BLOCK E7.

    From here, I am unsure of the instructions. Could you please provide me with some more details.

    Thank you again for your help,


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