T2WELL deals with time scale inconsistencies

Hello, everyone. I would like to ask how T2WELL deals with the problem of inconsistency of wellbore and reservoir models in time scale?

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    • Alfredo_b
    • 1 mth ago
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    Mass balance eqs for reservoir and wellbore elements are assembled and solved together by T2Well within each time step. Thus, fast transients occurring in the wellbore grid elements control the convergence  speed and then the overall time stepping.

    No ad hoc strategy is at present available to overcome this  issue. 



      • Xinyu
      • 1 mth ago
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      Thank you very much for your answer. This means that the T2WELL reduces the  time stepping to a few seconds to a few minutes (the time stepping describing the transient flow in the wellbore), which makes the reservoir simulation also in this  time stepping. Doesn't this complicate the reservoir simulation? I have studied the T2WELL user manual, which displays velocity related terms such as spatial acceleration terms to speed up convergence, is this the best solution for T2WELL to solve this problem?

      • kenny
      • 1 mth ago
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       Convergence problem is still a challenging for T2well, especially for the high temperature CO2 sequestration simulation (ECO2N V.20). We are working on this issue. You are welcome to contribute  any idea for the improvement,

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