EOS7C tracer phase

Hi All,

In EOS7C, what phase is the tracer in at injection? I have defined a Henry's constant, but presumably that takes effect after injection. Also, how can I see output for tracer in the liquid phase? I see vapor phase output, but no liquid.

Thank you!


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  • Amy,

    The tracer is a component and GENER injects components.  The distribution of this component between phases is controlled by the Henry's constant. 

    As for seeing tracer concentration in the liquid phase, you can dump secondary parameters that are not in the output file by the following approach:

    1) run the simulation as far in time as you want. Copy the SAVE file to INCON.

    2) Edit the input file. Remove any INCON block in the input file, and set PARAM values to run one time step with delta-t set to 1.e-9 s.  And set MOP(5) equal to 8. 

    3) Run the problem again with the new input file.  The changes you made in (2) will cause the EOS to dump all the secondary parameters at each grid block. The mass fraction in the liquid of each component will be among the many variables printed.  This may create a large output file, so best to do this for a small problem.

    You may have to look at the figure on p. 13 of the user guide to interpret which variables are which.  Phase density and viscosity are usually readily identifiable by their values.  Then start counting down and you'll get to component 1-5 mass fractions, first in gas, and in then in the second part of this array, in the liquid.  Let me know if this is not clear or does not work as described or is not what you need.  


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