TOUGH+Hydrate to Tecplot

Since, there is an option to generate tecplot ready file by changing the value of MOP(19), I tried using that to generate the Plot_Data_Elem file, but Tecplot RS doesn't recognize the file. I tried changing its extension to .txt but it doesn't work. I think the problem is in the data structure. Can anyone suggest how to get Tecplot ready file as EXT.exe is not available anymore? Also if anyone has tried to visualize the MESH file using tecplot, how does one do so?

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  • Hi Sulav, this Isaac. Ive been trying to use tecplot to visulize the Plot_Data_Elem generated by the TOUGH+ hydrate, but it sometimes does not work very well, especially when your MESH file contains loads of boundary meshes.  The reason why this will happen when using tecplot is that the results of each element printed in the PLot_Data_Elem file is rearranged in a different manner (the boundary meshes are positioned at the end of the other element ).This will change its original data structure and make it hard to be visualized by tecplot.  Besides, I found that normally the cell-centered data sets are generated by TOUGH+, which will be automatically considered as the nodal data for the interpolation, causing the wrong contour.  BTW, Ive seen the question you post in another section, asking how to use GMS to visualize TOUGH+hydrate output ? So how is it going and can it work?

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