TECPLOT output from TOUGH+

Stefan Finsterle 

Hi, Stefan 

I know it is not right to talk about some questions relevant to TOUGH+ in this TOUGH2 section, but there seems like no active people in TOUGH+ section.so it would be so great that you can solve the problems that i recently met when trying to use TECPLOT as the pro-processor of TOUGH+. But I found that normally the cell-centered data sets are generated by TOUGH+, which will be automatically considered as the nodal data for the interpolation, causing the wrong contour. So is there any method to generate the result of nodal data in TOUGH+, or is it OK to utilize EXT to do extract thing for TOUGH+ output file or should I have to give more information when visualizing the result of TOUGH+ using Tecplot.

Thanks in Advance!

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  • Hi Isaac,

    I moved your question to the Forum’s Pre- & Postprocessor section, as the topic belongs here. I hope the community sees it here and posts many replies!

    I do not have access to TOUGH+. However, I think the issue is general and won’t go away even if you use EXT. 

    Note that the contours are most likely “correct”; what is not correct is the visualization of the mesh! TECPLOT draws the mesh by connecting element centers rather than showing element boundaries. As there is no unique way to get element boundaries from the geometric information used by TOUGH (recall that TOUGH does not make any reference to a global coordinate system), element boundaries must be captured during the mesh generation process. This is why AMESH (and other mesh generators based on AMESH, such as WinGridder and Steinar) write a so-called “segment file”, which can be used to correctly visualize the mesh.

    For regular meshes, the “error” you make is on the order of (only) half an element size, which may be acceptable, specifically since drawing interpolated contours of TOUGH output is - strictly speaking - misleading!


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      Stefan Finsterle Thank you so much for the help.  

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